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ShenZhen ZhanXinTong electeonic technology Co.,LTD

TEL:  0755-83704781     FAX:  0755-83524503

Website:  www.zxt-dz.com


Company strengths: ( TI, NXP ) 74 series logic IC; ( ON, CJ ) two transistor;
   Large cash reserves: in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, perennial with large stocks, more than 60,000 kinds of varieties. Has three warehouses, one in Shenzhen, Hong Kong 2. 
   Accurate and timely quotations: with all kinds of models of inquiry, we provide quotations within 24 hours worldwide.

   Quick delivery: we will within the agreed time and date the form will be sent by air cargo. Spot within one business day guaranteed, order according to protocol.

   Excellent quality: We insist on good quality, can provide customers with quality guarantee, all set back to the storage reserve components must go through rigorous testing 

   One-stop shopping services: For any inquiry to find electronic components, please feel free to contact us, our professional staff will answer your questions and provide professional services.